Instructions for Linking BPM and eAuthentication Accounts

The following instructions will guide you through linking your Metastorm user name

and password to your eAuth user name and password.

This is a one-time action that will enable an eAuth login to all Metastorm applications.


1)      Click and log in to BPM using your existing BPM user name/password

2)      The following screen will appear.  Follow the on screen instructions.



Figure 1


3)      The following screen will appear.



Figure 2

4)      Read the on screen message and click the check box when finished.

5)      To try out your new login method: close all browser windows (including these instructions), then visit and click "Login using eAuthentication"


Figure 3



Questions should be directed to the APHIS Technical Assistance Center (ATAC)

877-944-8457, option 1 - US toll free
919-855-7888, option 1 - international

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